Refreshie: a desktop app for a fatigue-free you


  • Your eyes are not meant for constant focus
    While working on your PC, you tend to blink lesser and your eyes are at a constant focus for hours at a stretch. The 20-20-20 rule suggests that every 20 minutes, you look away about 20 feet in front of you for 20 seconds
  • You’re more prone to computer-related Repetitive Stress Injuries
    Repetitive strain injury (RSI) related to the overuse of muscles and tendons in hands and wrists, back aches, carpal tunnel syndrome are some results of poor sitting postures and prolonged usage of computers
  • Sitting for long increases the risks of health issues multifold
    If you are not taking hourly breaks, you will be more prone to back pain and other serious health issues in the future. Sedentary work also increases the risk of heart diseases, diabetes and many more deadly ones


A nifty ‘lil desktop app to your rescue

Windows App for Eye Strain

Refreshie silently runs in the background and gives you visual cues when you have been stressing out for too long. Recurring reminders helps you take the short breaks you deserve. Improve your focus and productivity

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