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Download free IonFire Pro: JSON driven mobile app template with Ionic3 and Firebase realtime database

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JSON-driven mobile app: no coding required

IonFire is best suited for content-centric mobile apps.

To create a mobile app using IonFire you only have to define the structure and content of your app as a JSON document in the Firebase real-time database. That’s all, no coding is required.

This gives you the ability to:

  • send new content to the app instantly
  • change content or fix typos on-the-fly
  • change the structure of the app without submitting a new build to the app stores


Technology stack

  • Ionic3 (Angular 4)
  • Typescript
  • Firebase real-time database
  • ng2-redux: to manage application state

You only need a Firebase account, no additional server required.


  v1.1.0 - July 2017
  - Google Analytics integration
  - Google AdMob integration

  v1.0.0 - June 2017
  - Initial release
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