Download free Tic Tac Toe Online (Firebase + AdMob + Material Design)

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The old Tic Tac Toe we used to play in childhood is here, but now in an elegantly designed interface with melody background sound! It is an online multiplayer game developed with Firebase real-time database. 

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Playing Instructions
One of two players will have to create a room to play. Another player can join that room using room Id. There are a square number of boxes in a grid. Each player will have own move one by one to put either zero or cross in the box. The player who can first create matching horizontally, vertically or diagonally wins the match.


  • Firebase Real-time Database

This game uses Firebase real-time database for game play. As Firebase is a robust solution for real-time communication, the game performs fast even on slower networks. Also, all the game play data is stored on Firebase cloud in real time.

  • AdMob Integrated

AdMob Banner Ads, as well as Interstitial Ads both, have been integrated into the game. Changing AdMob Ids are very easy and all the steps are given in the document.

  • Push Notifications, Crash Reporting & Analytics

Along with real-time database, other features of Firebase like analytics, crash reporting and Push Notifications also have been integrated into the app. 

  • Material Design & Melody Sounds

The game has been designed according to material design guidelines and melody background music to provide the intuitive user experience.

  • Customization Capabilities & Well-structured code

The game is fully customizable, you will just have to change few colours to change whole application theme. Also, you can change fonts and even colours of icons used in the app, The code is well-documented, structured and easier to understand.



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