Free Download ESCAPE THE FUZZ. This is the latest version which was updated on November 26, 2017 on CodeCanyon. Free Download ESCAPE THE FUZZ is best suited for action, arcade, chasing, fullscreen, fuzz, labyrinth, leaderboard, levels, low poly, maze, mobile, multilanguage, pac-man, police, scrolling.


Want to engage yourself into the ultimate high speed chase against the cops? Escape the Fuzz allows you to do all of that, all while testing your reflexes and improving your reaction speed!
The main idea in Escape the Fuzz is simple, you just need to control the hero using the arrow keys and send him through the city as he tries to escape the cops.
He can gather power-ups while exploring the city, and these can either give better speed or help crush the opposition for a limited time.
This game is the perfect combination of GTA and PacMan, offered in a stellar, exciting manner that you will surely love and appreciate.
With a great attention to detail and the ability to always escape the cops and keep the loot, Escape the Fuzz always focuses on high octane action that can be played whenever you want.
Since cop cars are faster than yours, you will need to carefully find a route that will lead you towards getting more money and acquiring the ultimate success.
Thanks to leaderboards, you will always find yourself playing more and more all so that you can beat the other players and become the ultimate thief.
Don’t hesitate and immerse yourself into a fast paced arcade game where reaction time is key, download Escape the Fuzz now and you will love it for sure!

• Action packed gameplay
• Gather cash and escape the cops
• Compete in leaderboards
• Great graphics
• Suitable, stunning soundtrack


» Configurable gameplay
» Portrait layout
» Optimized for desktop and mobile
» Multi-language support
» Skinnable user interface
» Based on melonJS library
» Leaderboard you can host on your server


Documentation explains how you can customize the game. Read documentation from here

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