SmartScroll allows you to view the full document in one touch it automatically moves to start to end. It is more user-friendly to all webpages like News feeds, Blog, Articles, Portfolie ,Image gallary sites – Pinterest, Instagram, Dribbble, Behance and Social media sits like Facebook, Google+, Twitter.

Why SmartScroll?
Web pages which contains long content and it does not ease that much as reading of full content, and after a while, everyone will have a kind of wish that they could just read them as if that would be a movie. Just keep on scrolling the mouse will never helped anymore , Obviously we all will get tried with that, A single tool which can solve your problem and turns your time and activity very ease and interesting is named a SmartScroll.

How it works
Simply touch the mouse pointer and set the speed of the scroll. You can read the full documents as per your comformatable view mode.

Now our imagination comes true. SmartScroll is fully responsive with all kind of reading pages like News feeds,eBook,portals etc..

Features of SmartScroll

  • Built with latest Angular 6.2.+ version
  • Play scroll option
  • Pause Scroll option
  • Jump to top option
  • Jump to down option
  • Fully responsive
  • Touch capabilities
  • Flexible & easy to use
  • Well documented
  • Light weight
  • and lots more

We appreciate your feedbacks to make this SmartScroll more enhancement and advanced tool in future updates

You will get full-time support with this item. If you need some help or found a bug/issue with this product, You can always contact us via email and we will respond to you within 24 hrs