WordPress WooCommerce Pricelist Plugin

WordPress WooCommerce Pricelist allows the admin to create custom price rules according to the price rule entities like – product, category, and customer. The admin can make use of the various entities and can alter their sequence according to which the price rules will apply.



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Features Of WordPress WooCommerce Pricelist Plugin


  • The admin can add/edit the price lists and price list rules.
  • Set the price rule entities sequence according to which the price rules will apply.
  • The admin can add new price rule list with the rule priority.
  • Set the price calculation rule to add or decrease the set percentage or fixed price.
  • Easily assign the created price rule list to the price list.
  • Set the date range in which the price list will be active.

A full functional demonstration of the product can be experienced even before a purchase :grin:


"Initial release v 1.0.0""