If you own an online ticket booking business or if you want to sell tickets for your own show to the general public, you must need a website with facility to allow your target audience to book tickets online through your Magento website. Event Booking Magento Extension is the right solution, allowing you to sell tickets and turn your Magento site into an online event ticketing system.

This extension allows store owner to create multiple events and start selling tickets with online payment methods, allowing target audience to enjoy ticket booking easily. Store owner can also edit or delete the existing events with a few clicks. The events created come with an option to upload background image, making the events look more engaging and attractive for the visitors.

Each visitor, after selecting the seats, is given a particular time to complete payment.

Key Features:

  • Create Multiple Engaging Events

Store admin can easily create multiple events online through the extension with an option to upload background image to make the events look more attractive. Option available to edit the events to make changes in already existing ones like show timings, seats availability etc.

  • Upload Seat Plan & Background Image

After creating the event online, store owner can easily upload seating plan online and also upload a background image to make the event look engaging and attractive. There is an option available for store owner to create events with or without seat plans.

  • Create Seating & Price Rules

Set multiple seating rules for each event easily to set different prices for the different categories of seats. For example, admin can create various categories such as VIP, VVIP, General, Students, etc. Admin has the flexibility to set different prices for different categories. Admin can also set default price for group tickets.

  • Set Cart Rules

Store owner can set multiple types of cart rules. For example, the maximum number of tickets allowed per cart so as to avoid unauthorized ticket purchasing.

  • 15 Minutes after Seat Selection

After the visitor finally selected the seats, they have option to wait for more 15 minutes during which they can make payment easily for the seats. User can easily change the category of seat after adding it to cart.