This Extension helps you installing 4 Important Changes in your Magento System, after Installation you can Find the Settings Page in your Backend System and easily activate and Configurate this four Functions:

EU Cookie Alert helps you comply with the EU Cookie Law and let you easily display a Cookie Alert in the Header of your Site. You can change Text and Button Text easily from your Magento System Configuraion.

Shariff – Social Media Buttons

Give Social Media Buttons some Privacy – Share Buttons and Share Counts work without a connection between your Visitors Browsers and Social Networks (Unless they decide to share)

Delete Customer Account

Give your Customer the possibility to Delete his Account if he want to. Deleting will be only possible in Case there is no Order.
If the Customer got an Order, the Delete Button will be not visible and a Custom Message will be displayed!

Signup Terms

By signing up, your Customer got to agree your Terms of use. The only thing you need to do is to choose in the Configuration wich Terms need to be displayed on the Signup Page.