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Free Download CAMS – Campus Asset Management System. This is the latest version which was updated on February 1, 2018 on CodeCanyon. Free Download CAMS – Campus Asset Management System is best suited for asp.net custom controls, bulk import sql server, campus asset management, crud, Csharp, datatables, export to csv, graphical representation of asset movement, import excel to database functionality with Csharp, jquery, mobile friendly layout, SQL server stored procedure, three-tier architecture with Csharp, user management, web-based campus asset management system.

CAMS – Campus Asset Management System Description

  • Efficiently maintain your asset by using CAMS.
  • Web-based Campus Asset Management System.
  • Process a Surplus Transfer.
  • Search for asset by Tag Number ,from CAMS Quick Search.
  • Make edits to the asset record.
  • Review historial information about the asset.
  • Keep track of all your assets in campus, building, room.
  • Track current location of your asset.
  • Menu and page Permission and privileges assigned to users.
  • CAMS provides some predefined roles to help in application administration.

Asset Monitoring

Monitor your asset’s particular place.

Asset Movement

Move your Asset From one Campus to another. Same process can be applied for Room,
Building within a Campus.

Main Features:

  • Dashboard
  • Assets Overview in each campus.

  • Users
  • Here are the few main operations that can be performed on a user Add, Edit , Search,
    Assign Role, Active/Deactive, etc.

    • User list: Search and Edit the user information.
    • Create User: Create New User and assign a role to a user.
    • Change Password : Update current user Password.
  • Charts
  • Graphical representation of asset movement from one campus to another campus.

    • Total asset in From Campus
    • Total asset in To campus
    • Asset percentage in From campus
    • Asset percentage in To campus
  • Reports
    • Accounting Report
    • Transfer Report
    • Inventory Location
    • Asset Audit Trail
    • Asset Report Master
  • Forms/Pages
    • New Asset form
    • Add New Asset information

    • Search/ Edit asset
    • Import asset
    • Import bulk asset information from Excel sheet to CAMS

    • Export asset
    • Export asset information into CSV

    • Asset history
    • Track the history of an asset such as when and who did enter it in the system through
      form or imported from excel

    • Asset aduit
    • Search campus / Edit campus
    • Create campus form
    • Import campus
    • Search/Edit Building
    • Create Building
    • Search/Edit Room
    • Create Room
    • Create Surplus
    • Search/Edit Surplus
    • Import Surplus
    • Export Surplus
    • Search/Edit Department
    • Create Department
    • Import Department
    • View Users Request
    • Admin or IT User can view user’s request, which is made by other users it can be
      change user password or any other request

    • Change info request
    • Common User can create request

    • View Request Status
    • Common User can view its request status

  • User Management
  • Menu and page Permission and privileges assigned to someone.

    • Role Management
    • CAMS provides some predefined roles to help in application administration. A user’s
      role determines what they can and cannot do in a CAMS – Campus Asset Management
      System. User’s role users are assigned when they sign up to your CAMS. Every member
      of a CAMS has a role. Here are a few common role types in CAMS. Users, Store Manager,
      Manager, Admin, Audit, User Pro.

    • Users
    • User Type/Role has limited access. He/She can only Create, Edit, import asset and
      also create, edit surplus.

    • Store Manager
    • Store manager user Type/Role has limited access. He/She can only export asset, search
      asset, search surplus, export surplus, change password, change info request, view
      request status.

    • Manager Manager
    • user Type/Role has the same rights like Administrator user, but it has no rights
      to create, modify a user’s information.

    • Admin
    • Admin user type/role has full access on application ’s pages and menu.

    • Audit
    • He/She can view charts, asset, asset history, surplus.

    • User Pro
    • He/She can Create, Edit, import asset, create, edit surplus

    Technical Features for developers

    • Three-tier architecture with C# Sharp.
    • Responsive Bootstrap Theme look perfect whichever device you’re using.
    • Export to CSV.
    • Import from Excel to Database functionality with C#.NET.
    • SQL Server Stored Procedure with C#.NET.
    • Mobile friendly
    • Jquery Gridview Custom Control
      • Searching facility.
      • Sorting facility.
      • Paging facility
    • Customizable layout.
    • Easy Installation
    • JQuery Datatables server side integration with ASP.NET

    What do you get in this package ?

    • Complete source code of CAMS – Campus Asset Management System.
    • Database Script, which create Tables, Store Procedures, Sample Data for CAMS.
    • Documentation.
    • Project files with Visual Studio 2010
    • You can import bulk data from Microsoft Excel in CAMS Database for this purpose
      following are sample data templates available. These templets will import all data
      from Excel Sheet to CAMS application.

    • Asset-import-template.xls
    • Campus-Room-Building-template.xls
    • Department-import-template.xls


    • Demo Video https://youtu.be/vUHfBUwhuuo
    • Demo Login http://codinsoft.com/demo/cams/
      • username : admin
      • username : Store Manager
      • username : Manager
      • username : User
      • username : Audit
      • username : User Pro
      • username : It User
      • Password: a

    Installation guide

    • Create Database In MS Sql Server.
    • Take Database script and run in your MSSQL Server.
    • Change Connection string of database on Web.Config file in Code.
    • Click/Open project .SLN file in visual studio 2010.
    • Press F5 to Run It.

    System Requirement

    • Windows Server or Windows Hosting.
    • IIS7 OR above.
    • .Net framework 4.0 OR above.
    • Sql Server 2005 OR above.



       Download & Demo Links   

    The CAMS – Campus Asset Management System is created by the highly skilled developer codinsoft. We suggest you to buy and get a license of the file which is selling under the category of .NET, CodeCanyon in CodeCanyon and enjoy the full features of it including support from the developer. You can also Free Download CAMS – Campus Asset Management System from the download link posted below. But please be advised we are not responsible for any damage caused by the files, use at your own risk.


    Demo CAMS – Campus Asset Management System

       View Demo

    Free Download CAMS – Campus Asset Management System

       Download Now


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