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Sprite Substratum Theme v1.230 Unreleased Patched [Latest]

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Sprite Substratum Theme
Sprite Substratum Theme

Sprite and Substratum together with the AWESOME developers and Themers in the community have helped me get pretty far already in a short time, I feel it’s ready to share!


– FULL CLEAR MODE “Make your own theme with your wallpaper!”
– Teal “Sprite” and Red “CodeRed” accent’s but more then just accents
– 50+ Apps added almost 60 “Note some apps cannot go clear ikeDialer and Contacts”
– 13+ Wallpapers to match the theme
– Font Package “Risque”
– Bootanimation “Made by Mark Bencze”
– Theme Ready apps Needed…at least for now…It will work but you will see white backgrounds in some places.
– Ripple fix in settings “This is for those whop just need that ripple, it will also show a card type bg on clear.
– Wifi and Signal options without frames “Circle Solid, Circle Lines, Arc Solid and Arc Lines”
– Battery without frame and custom charger indicator
– Custom NavKeys
– Plenty of hard work and searching
Instructions :
Sprite works like it should! Once enabled YOU MUST REBOOT! My theme has a lot of mods that take are boot to work correctly!Code Red is a secondary theme but will fully theme all the installed apps…
how it works :
– install Sprite 1st,
– apply Sprite,
– Install CodeRed
– Apply CodeRed
– Go to Overlay List in the Substratum app side menu
– Select all the DUPLICATE Sprite entries with Code Redone Sunchecked
– Disable Selected Overlays
– Once done YOU MUST REBOOT!
– Make a profile to save it…on updates with new apps you can create a new profile then delete the old.

N AOSP, Oreo 8.0/8.1 AOSP , Pixel/Nexus Stock Oreo 8.0/8.1, Samsung/OxygenOs 8.0

*v1.223 Final

*DUI Fix*
*Google MMS*
*Sammy Task Changer*
*Sammy One Hand Mode*
*AOSP DocumentsUI*
*Sammy My files fix*
*DU ANALOG Clock Ambient fix*
*Round QS and Notifications Options*
*Google app*
*Play Services*
*Google News*
*Google Voice*
*Google Plus*
*Many bug fixes and improvements*
*More I forgot*

  • Sprite Substratum Theme Android O and P Screenshot
  • Sprite Substratum Theme Android O and P Screenshot
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