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Silence Premium Do Not Disturb v2.23 [Latest]

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Several features set this app apart from others in the category. This application was written with security in mind. As such, it requires just a few permissions to read user’s contacts, calendar and to send and receive SMS. Most other apps require network permissions, and some need access to SD storage, which allows them to transfer any of the personal data from the phone unnoticed. This app can’t do that, so you can rest assured that your personal data is safe.

This app offers a lot more than Do Not Disturb Mode on the iPhone or Samsung’s Blocking Mode:

  • It can silence the phone for the night and/or during office hour, meetings or calendar appointments
  • Instant silent mode timer can be started with just 1 click
  • It can keep the phone on silent + vibrate all day and go completely silent for the night
  • It mutes phone calls and all audible notifications during quiet time, except alarms
  • Day and night time schedule can be programmed separately for each day of the week
  • Calendar selection is configurable, and only Busy events are muted
  • SMS and call exceptions are supported while the phone is muted
  • You can allow separate groups of contacts to ring at night and/or during the day
  • Enable Emergency mode to let repeated calls from the same number ring
  • Use No Exceptions mode to block calls from allowed contacts for the duration of an important meeting
  • Use Respond via SMS to let the caller know to call back again if it’s urgent
  • Optionally disable Bluetooth handsfree during quiet time
  • Cancel mute when you wake up early or the meeting ends early

Certain Samsung phones have issues with vibrate mode. If your phone doesn’t vibrate when you enable vibration in this Do Not Disturb app, change vibration settings in your phone’s system settings/sounds menu.

Note that if you have a task killer/booster type of app installed on your device, add this Do Not Disturb app to the list of exceptions. Also, make sure you don’t have other apps that manipulate the speaker running at the same time.

What’s New
Added option to disable blinking LED at night on Samsung N4/N5/S5/S6/S7 devices.
Added “End with alarm” option to stop night mode.
Please report any issues to [email protected] .


  • Bitte Nicht Stören - Premium Screenshot
  • Bitte Nicht Stören - Premium Screenshot
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