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Memrise Learn New Languages, Grammar Vocabulary v2.94_9590 [Premium] [Latest]

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If you are reading this message then it means that Mission Control has identified you as a fit candidate to join the Memrise Multiverse Missions Program. This means that you:*Have a thirst for adventure
*Have the potential to learn any language
*Are about to embark on a life changing journeyThe super secret team at MMMP is calling YOU to tap into your own superpowers. Become First Commander of your own adventure. Overcome dangerous obstacles and defeat the villains that dare come between you and infinite knowledge of a new world!The ship is ready. Mission Control is locked, and loaded.Jump on board. LET THE ADVENTURE BEGIN!Where will YOUR journey take you?

What’s New

  • Nothing major to report, we’ve just been stabilising your navigation after some pesky stowaways were causing
  • turbulence on board, like a bug causing the hints celebration pop-up to appear when you marked a word as
  • difficult, and another one that didn’t allow you to have zero courses in your course list. But we have regained
  • control and thrown the bugs into the big black void of code, so it’s back to a smooth flight!
  • Please, report any bugs in the app to [email protected]


  • Lerne Sprachen mit Memrise Screenshot
  • Lerne Sprachen mit Memrise Screenshot
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