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Mega Shows v10.0 [Mod] [Latest]

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Watch & Download your favorite movies and TV shows.
In this digital world, people prefer their smartphones to have entertainment on the go. There are several ways available for people to watch their favorite content online using their smartphones. Out of those many methods, Mega Shows :love: has received a lot of positive response from its users.

This application has the potential to stream your favorite movies and TV shows directory have almost everything which you want to stream online. The most remarkable thing about this app is that you don’t need to purchase any subscription or pay fees to watch movies and TV shows on Mega Shows. All the services offered by this app is free. This application can be considered as one of the best applications available for Android in the present time.

The Mega Shows app can come in handy when you are not able to watch your favorite shows on TV at home. In this situation, you may want to stream that content in the later time on your smartphone. And this is the time when Mega Shows comes as a savior. With this excellent application, there are many possibilities to watch TV shows without worrying about the time or the location you are currently in.

What’s new:

  • New: Added Download button. Much awaited.
  • New: External Player support. Click on download button and choose available players.
  • Fix: Video not resuming.
  • Misc: Overall app optimized.

Remove All AdLayout.
Remove All AdActivity.
Remove All Ads.


  • Mega Shows Screenshot
  • Mega Shows Screenshot
  • Mega Shows Screenshot
  • Mega Shows Screenshot

Download Links

Mega Shows v10.0 [Mod] APK / Link1 / Link2 / Link3

Mega Shows v7.0.0 [AdFree] APK / Link1 / Link2 / Link3

Mega Shows v5.0.0 [AdFree] APK / Link1 / Link2 / Link3

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