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Androoster PRO v1.2.0 [Latest]

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Androoster is an all-new groundbreaking tweak toolbox, built with the latest features and capabilities to always keep your performances and your battery life boosted up to 100%

Another “magic” toolbox?
No, definitely. This is the most complete, fast and secure app and it’s the only one that offers you a balanced profile between battery duration, device speed and system customizations

Why this and not anything else?
This app is packed with the most staggeringly-powerful tweaks. An hyper-speed combined to an impressive features amount will turn your actual device in a lag-eating beast, and compared to the other tweaking apps in the market it’s faster, smarter and more stable

What about customization?
You can navigate through many UIs and functionalities settings that will allow you to get the most customizable and appreciable configuration. Enable quick buttons, theme status bar, toolbar and navigation bar, change all the colors, switch between dark and light theme, edit menu, lock Androoster with a Password or a PIN, customize animations, get real time updates, notifications and much more

Anything about security?
To grant complete reversibility and security, every single tweak is reversible. Your system status won’t permanently changed and if you need it, you can quickly restore your original system status before uninstalling from an internal backup that you can manage with ease from the dedicated page in the app.
Furthermore, we use AES256 internal encryption to keep internal configuration files safe.

Power is nothing without control.. root is nothing without a good tweaks manager. Check it out!

Androoster top features
• CPU Overclock & Tuning
• Governor switcher
• Low Memory Killer editor
• Runtime Memory improvement
• Battery statistics manager
• Fast charging enabler
• Sleep mode tuner
• Sleepers optimization
• Kernel advanced editor
• Boot speed tuner
• FStrim utility
• I/O Booster
• Hostname editor
• Network buffer
• Fast dormancy
• Advanced debug monitor
• GPS Configuration
• JPEG quality optimizer
• 270° Rotation enabler
• 16 bit transparency enabler
• Back buttons light tuner
And much much more!

What I need to run Androoster?
– ‎A rooted device
– ‎A basic BusyBox installation (If you have root is very easy to get)

Why out now?
We know that in the market there are some other apps similar to Androoster but out target is make one product that stands out from everything, and make you feel the quality with every single tap over your screen

What’s new
• Bugfixes and under the hood improvements
• Reduced app size
• Updated important libraries


  • Androoster Screenshot
  • Androoster Screenshot
  • Androoster Screenshot
  • Androoster Screenshot
  • Androoster Screenshot
  • Androoster Screenshot
  • Androoster Screenshot


Androoster PRO v1.2.0 / Mirror

Androoster PRO v1.1.4 / Mirror

Androoster PRO v1.1.2 / Mirror

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